The Riot and the Dance

Group/Fundraiser Screening License

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• 1 universal territory Blu-ray public display copy of The Riot and The Dance: Water with a license for unlimited non-profit and for-profit displays between March 6—July 6, 2020. The Blu-ray does not need to be returned and can become your personal copy, but it cannot be resold. 

Rent a theater for your event or show the film in a sanctuary, classroom, auditorium, or swimming pool--anywhere that works for you! Make the screening a promotional event, free of charge for members of your community, school, or church, or sell tickets as a fundraiser. This public license is meant to provide maximum flexibility for organizers.

• 90 day access to The Riot and the Dance: Water online streaming

• 1 Blu-ray copy of The Riot and the Dance: Earth (Bonus Value: $21.95)

• 90 day access (for your entire CC community, co-op, church, or school) to 4 "Creation and Marine Biology" lectures by Dr. Gordon Wilson. (Bonus value: $60.00)